Yunis made Olomouc the first place, Ostrava eliminated the missed chance


Yunis scored two goals in the absence of the Chorys (cards) and Vasice (injury) coach Václav Jílek where to reach. “I could not see much of the game, but at the age of sixteen I was in the right place at the right time. I think I did it well, “the hero said.

Jilek nodded, “Pleasant worries for me. Someone told him before the match that he was hit twice. I wish it was more often than not. He worked very well with it, worked. It was obvious he already had enough. It is a happy, tremendously valuable victory for us. “Yunis took the first time from the start and showed a great choice of place, orientation and emergency in the penalty area. Did he just set up a kick, but the winning goal in 87.a minute later, he was more complicated in the scramble after the failed Falty center. In addition, the house claimed Yunis’s hand.

“She was not in any way. Maybe it looked like a tribune, but the ball fell on his chest, “he defended. “It was probably not a hand when the judge did not spit,” Victor Mikula, who was protesting at the Adámek judges, sighed Vítkovičti surprised for a long time the favored Sigma, who won the seventh consecutive row and kept the invincibility even though for the first time lost the season. However, they lost the the best sports betting online home sixth behind, and in the fifth they lost a hopefully running duel. “Unfortunately in the 66th and especially 87th.the minute we reached at least the point, we get a goal, “Roman West coach said. “We had two situations before we could score.”

Is West going to appeal? “That’s a question of leadership, but there were a lot of pressure in the week,” he admitted. “We are dealing with the situation,” said Vítkovice sports director Marek Pohorelli. The West does not resign itself. “As long as I feel like I have a team to do, I will try to do it at the last minute.”

In a similar situation, Jílka was also the first to draw three starting draws, but now he enjoys a stronger position. The play of Sigma gets his face, although against Vitkovice his performance was not ideal.

“At that moment, Jilek was almost on his way, now the situation is different.But it’s not about Jílka, it’s about the team, “said Sigma coach. “Team work improved both backwards and forwards. I have to praise him, it’s a big change. But now the first half showed us that if we stepped back from mobile betting the activity we demand, it is not the way. ”

Even the tenth match of the national football team Baník Ostrava did not win. But the long distance match with Sigma Olomouc lost their lead in the competition. De Azevedo missed the penalty, Baník lost 0: 2, but on the field of Táborska scored 2: 2.

“I appreciate the fact that the players in the 0: 2 match did not kill and beat the result,” said Baník coach Vlastimil Petrzel. “But we have eliminated our unused chances at the start of the game.We had three of four opportunities to score. “